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Our Team

Our Team

Emmanuel Robitaille

Vice President, Business Development

My role with the TORBSA Group is to develop the Group and Brand in Eastern Canada, support our Shareholders and Vendors, and promote TORBSA as the best and most transparent Buying Group in Canada, Leading our Industry.

Stacey Brown

Group Services / Marketing Lead

I am the Group Services / Marketing Lead with TORBSA and have been in this position since May 2021. I am excited to help our Shareholders and Suppliers as well as grow our Marketing and Social Media presence. Looking forward to being a part of TORBSA’s growth over the coming years.

My hobbies include my family, the outdoors, reading and sports.


Lori Paglia

Rebates Administrator

I am the Rebate Administrator with Torbsa and have been in this position since 2017. Working with TORBSA members and suppliers has been a tremendous learning experience for me and I look forward to being a part of TORBSA’s growth.

My hobbies include enjoying the outdoors, whether it is hiking, kayaking or a brisk walk.


Cindy Sliwocki


I have been the Controller at TORBSA Ltd. since 2007. Working at TORBSA is like working with family. The relationships built over the years are invaluable.

Outside of work I like to keep active by running, gardening and walking my dog.


Paul Williams


I’m here to work on behalf of our Shareholders, supporting their success in market and managing the day to day business of the Group. I love what I do and believe that TORBSA is the most viable Buying Group in Canada, for the independent business owner.